By Karen-Luz Sison

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UPDATE 30/11: Carleton did not pay the hacker’s ransom, according to Carleton president Roseann Runte. An online update from the university also stated that no personal information was accessed during the hack.

Carleton experienced campus-wide network problems on Nov. 29 due to a hacking attempt of the system by an external group or individual, according to Carleton Computing and Communications Services (CCS).

A press release by the university said any Microsoft Windows-based system accessible from the main network may have been compromised.

Matthew Mayer, a library IT help desk employee, said the hack happened last night.

Mayer added the CCS is investigating if the hack originated from a Carleton computer.

Ransom-ware messages demanding payments via Bitcoin for access to computer programs have appeared on school computers, Mayer said.

Individuals who have encountered these messages have been told to ignore them and report them to the CCS Help Desk, according to the press release.

Students were advised in the press release to avoid using Windows systems at Carleton and connecting to the university’s Wi-Fi on personal devices until the network is secured.

Currently, the CCS does not know when network problems will be resolved.

They have, however, encouraged students in an updated press release to use the server if they are not experiencing problems.