By: Patrick Butler

Photo by Trevor Swann

This letter was penned mere moments before this CUSA instagram post appeared. The author stands by their words until a microwave indeed appears in River Building [Richcraft Hall], at which time, a follow-up letter will be released.

Like 95 per cent of students who voted for their CUSA journalism rep last spring, I was a one-issue voter.

All that mattered to me in the election was getting a microwave in River Building.

Both candidates, in direct appeals to my classmates and I, committed to putting a food computer in the journalism building. Without even blinking.

I am stunned appalled at their deceit.

Just looking at a microwave – sometimes even a toaster oven – now sends me into a complete and utterly unresponsive stupor. Every time I walk my cold leftover stir fry to the UC microwaves and stand in line, I am reminded the wound inflicted on my fellow journalism majors and I is still *very* fresh.

I am now unapologetically cynical about all student politics. New student union building? A complete waste of students’ money. Online voting? Hackers will figure that out soon enough. CUSA slates? Greek life hacks!

I have lost all confidence in Carleton’s political elite. And all because there STILL isn’t a microwave oven in River. DESPITE repeated promises from people I entrusted with my vote.

I took them at their word.

All I wanted was to nuke my leftovers without walking across campus. Too bad CUSA dropped an atom bomb on my faith in democracy!