By Karen-Luz Sison

Carleton received a $26.4-million investment from the provincial and federal governments to use for research infrastructure in sustainable and green infrastructure initiatives on campus.

The investment was announced on Nov. 7 at Carleton by Catherine McKenna, minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi.

The school will also be investing $23.5 million of its own funds towards these projects, according to a government release.

A statement by Carleton said the investment will fund two main projects, both involving building upgrades to facilities across campus.

The Energy Retrofit and Facility Modernization Project, one of the initiatives being funded, will upgrade six Carleton buildings through the installation of LED lighting by April 2018, said the release.

Another project being funded is the upcoming Institute for Advanced Research and Innovation in Smart Environments (ARISE), which will renovate about 23,000 square feet in the Life Sciences Research Building and add 34,500 square feet to campus.

To accommodate this project, the school’s neuroscience department is being evicted and will require to move its research work twice, to a to-be-determined location and then to the new Health Sciences Building set for completion in Fall 2017,  because of the ARISE project renovations.

The investment is part of a larger plan by the federal and provincial governments to provide more than $950 million for research infrastructure at postsecondary schools across Ontario, according to the government release.