By Natasha Tremblay, photo is a screenshot.

The Carleton University Women in Business (CUWIB) association is launching a new online magazine called Ignite that aims to offer content for everyone, regardless of readers’ discipline or gender.

Véronique Poulin, Editor-In-Chief of Ignite, said that CUWIB  is an organization made to highlight inequalities, women’s rights, and social justice.

“It is also an opportunity for women and men to build their professional network, expand their career options. It’s open to people of all fields, women and men, and people who don’t associate with either gender as well,” Poulin said.

She added Ignite was created through the CUWIB website.

“It’s an online platform that we’re continuously going to be adding submissions. Right now, we’re still in the beginning stages of the magazine but we are sending out emails, Facebook posts, tweets, to any organization, it can be on or off campus,” Poulin said.

Editors for Ignite from across the country will be sending out emails to the various universities they attended in the past. Poulin said the goal is for people across the country to read the magazine.

“Our mandate is very topical in the sense that it touches on the struggles that a lot of women face, anywhere in the country, so I definitely think it’s something that should become national,” Poulin said.

Akkila Thiru, a local Ignite editor, said she hoped it will raise awareness at Carleton.

“I really feel this is something that is needed in our Carleton community. It’s something that could really contribute to the level of discourse that we have here on campus,” she said.

Thiru said the magazine will highlight the accomplishments of women in business.

“It’s about getting female perspectives highlighted in a field that’s very male-dominated,” Thiru added.

Kirthana Sasitharan, another Ignite editor, is a graduate student in the University of British Columbia’s journalism program. She said she wanted to contribute to the magazine because “the sort of message CUWIB as a whole does is really in line with my views, providing a space for women, men, and anyone, really, to express themselves in the world of business and even in the world of journalism. I thought that was . . . a great place to contribute and provide and assist in that platform.”

Sasitharan said the magazine is very inclusive.

“Just because you aren’t in business or you aren’t a woman doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of this magazine . . . We want people to understand this is a platform for inclusivity, that we’ve prepared and we want everyone to understand that their voice matters and we’re here to provide that voice,” she said.

She added the goal of the magazine is to let people express themselves freely.

“I think sometimes there are so many restrictions placed upon people’s voice on what should be included and what shouldn’t. We encourage people to send forth their information and their ideas,” Sasitharan said.

Sasitharan said the magazine will be a way for students to get their word out and express their concerns.

“So much of society has built a gap between being a student and an adult. I think this is really the opportunity to see that this gap does not have to exist,” she said.