By Kassia Skorzewska

Graphic by Christophe Young.

Julian Piccioli recently completed a five-year career with the Carleton Ravens men’s soccer team.

While playing for the Ravens, Piccioli recorded a career-high five goals and added four assists during his final season

Piccioli finished out his final season as captain of the team and he was named among the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) East-Division First-Team All-Stars. Piccioli also previously earned the accolade in 2013 and 2014.

Piccioli joined the soccer team in 2012 and played five seasons with them while earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

The Charlatan sat down with Piccioli to discuss his past five years as a Ravens varsity athlete and what he has accomplished during his five seasons here.

The Charlatan (TC): What has been your favourite moment as a Raven over the course of your career?

Julian Piccioli (JP): There’s been so many moments, so many learning experiences, but I think perhaps one that just maybe encompasses maybe the most important things about Carleton for me and my best experience was in my first year, which was 2012, we played against York . . . in the Final Four. In the semi-final match, whoever emerged victorious would go to the National Championships, and in that game a moment was the moment of our victory when we scored in the 118th minute. We won 1-0 after just battling all game long, defending and making the most of what was less than a handful of chances. And we came out on top. That was one of the combinations of our team that year. We were just at our peak, and just to see the alumni, former teammates of some of the guys on my team, coming to support us, coming to Toronto, to be there and to just run to the field when we won, it was a really good experience. I’ll never forget that.

(TC): What are your plans for the future beyond Carleton?

(JP): Beyond Carleton, once I graduate I would like to apply to a master’s of architecture or I’m thinking about applying to a master’s of architectural studies as well, so both. And if I get into that, I’m going to obviously do it right away. I’m going to apply here at Carleton, but I’m thinking about other options as well. And if that doesn’t work out, then I’m thinking about pursuing professional soccer. I’m in touch with some people abroad who can get me some tryouts. And I’m going to work on putting a highlight video together and just staying in shape and playing at the highest level. And until those opportunities come, try to keep improving and stuff like that, so top priority is Masters, and soccer is my dream as a backup.

(TC): Are there any achievements you’re proud of from your time as a Raven?

(JP): There are few, yeah. I got the OUA All-Star award three times. It was nice to be recognized for my play because I did take a lot of time to improve as a player during the off-season during the summer. So that was a good feeling. I also got Academic All-Canadian athlete twice, so that again it’s just a nice feeling to win and be rewarded for your efforts as an athlete. Life is demanding, so a lot of the time it goes unnoticed. This year I got the Mike Lanos Award for embodying the Raven spirit. That was a huge honour, probably the most precious award to me because I gave all of my being to this team and just to have it impact others in a positive way is just incredibly rewarding for me. And lastly, I was fortunate to be appointed captain this year and that was an honour as well.


(TC): Do you have any advice you would give to new players joining the team?

(JP): Yeah I do, I think maybe when people hear this they might think it’s overstated, but I think that to new players coming in, I would say that truly make the most of every opportunity you have as a Raven on the field—whether it’s coming to a gym session, meeting with your coach, it’s so fleeting. Everything’s so good that it’ll be gone in a second and really just give everything you have into every training session to push yourself to be the best, and push the guys around you to be the best because that’s what you’ll remember.